Our offer, based on deep experience,  includes services especially within following fields:

  • legal assistance for huge construction investment projects, in particular but not limited to, in energetic and chemical sector as well as for linear investments and house building including:
    • rawing up and revising draft contracts on implementation of general investments (like: EPC - engineering, procurement, constructing) and construction works
    • legal coordination over contracting with subcontractors and subsuppliers for general investments.
    • drawing up and revising of consortium agreements, confidentiality agreements and exclusivity collaboration agreements.  
    • legal support during the negotiations in this regard
    • consulting on projects in the field of public procurement at various stages of the procedure;
    • giving opinions on issues of construction law;
    • conducting proceedings before the common and arbitral courts;
  • advising on public procurement law:
    • advising to contractors  at every step of the procedure, consulting in preparation of applications for participation in contracts and tenders;
    • advising to investors on preparing and executing the proceedings and audit of the application of public procurement rules;
    • drawing appeals and claims and representation of clients in front of Public Procurement Council and common courts.
  • Court proceedings in business cases, in particular regarding unfair competition acts committed by creating restrictions in free access to the market (“shelf fee”) as well as disputes concerning industrial property rights
  • Reclaiming the ownership of the property lost under “Agrarian Reform Decree” and “Warsaw Decree”
  • Legal assistance for real estate owners with regard to lease agreements (execution and final settlement)
  • Legal assistance at creating and developing franchising network
  • Legal services for telecommunication business regarding relations between communication company and public authorities as well as subscribers.

And also:

  • comprehensive advice and consulting connected with inter alia civil law, commercial law, corporate law, labor law, including preparation of legal opinions and information;
  • preparing and analyzing drafts of contracts and agreements and its appendixes, power of attorneys;
  • preparing and analyzing drafts of corporate and registration documents of companies;
  • representing our Clients in court proceedings, administrative and arbitrary procedures before public authorities, arbitrary and common courts;
  • preparing and filing the motions to National Court Register and other documents to public authorities and courts;
  • dealing with all activities connected with conclusion and termination of employment agreements, representing our Clients before labor courts;
  • taking part in  negotiations;
  • comprehensive advice during notarial and administrative activities;
  • other activities connected with legal counsel.
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